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Miami Building Collapse Results in Construction Worker Injuries

Aug 31, 2018 | By , on Personal Injury.

When demolition work is performed, it is imperative that all parties involved behave with the utmost care. It is also essential that best practices for safety are followed at all times. Demolition is dangerous work that presents a serious risk of injury and workers and bystanders deserve the maximum protection possible. If something goes wrong and a person involved in or watching the demolition is hurt or killed, the victim or his family should talk with a Miami injury lawyer for advice about pursuing a claim for monetary compensation. Just recently, a tragic accident illustrated the serious consequences that result…

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Harvest Power Worker Dies in Tragic Industrial Accident Near Disney

Aug 24, 2018 | By , on Personal Injury.

A Miami accident lawyer can provide representation to victims who are hurt and who wish to seek benefits. An attorney can also represent family members of victims who lose their life in an accident, including in situations when the fatal incident occurs at work. On-the-job accidents happen far too frequently, and the consequences of these tragic accident are often deadly. In fact, WFTV 9 recently reported that a fatal industrial accident happened near the employee area of the Walt Disney World resort. Industrial Accident Occurs Near Disney and Causes the Death of a Worker According to WFTV 9, the recent…

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Commuter Train Jumps Tracks, No Injuries Sustained By Passengers

Aug 22, 2018 | By , on Personal Injury.

A Miami personal injury attorney can provide you with representation if you or someone you love is hurt or is killed in a train accident or is injured or killed in an accident involving any type of public transportation. Accidents involving mass transport or public transportation can be complicated for a number of reasons. They are often serious and, depending who on is operating the transportation when the accident occurred, there may be multiple parties who could be held legally liable for damages to victims including train operators or their employers. However, in the event that the transportation involved in…

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High School Football Player Killed in Tragic Crash

Aug 17, 2018 | By , on Personal Injury.

Car accidents can happen to people of all ages, but young people are especially vulnerable to becoming involved in motor vehicle accidents. In fact, car crashes are a leading cause of death for teens and young people are significantly more likely than older demographic groups to become involved in a serious or fatal car accident. If you or someone you love was involved in a car accident involving a teen driver, or if your child or other young loved one was injured in a motor vehicle collision, it is important that you understand your legal rights and take appropriate action…

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Baylor’s Football Team Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

Aug 15, 2018 | By , on Personal Injury.

When people in positions of power engage in sexual misconduct, especially with younger or more vulnerable people as victims, powerful institutions often bear part of the responsibility for facilitating the abuse. Miami sexual assault victim attorneys can provide help to those who have been harmed by abusive behavior in understanding their rights to bring a civil claim against institutions and individuals whose negligence made the sexual abuse possible. Unfortunately, in many situations, organizations and institutions don’t just look the other way when it comes to sexual abuse, but they may actively be involved in hiding misconduct. This has repeatedly occurred…

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Distracted Driving May Have Been an Issue in Fatal Uber Accident

Jul 31, 2018 | By , on Personal Injury.

A tragic fatal accident occurred in an Uber vehicle. Accidents involving Uber cars are far too common, and victims should consult with a Miami accident attorney when a collision happens to determine options available for pursuing a claim when these types of crashes happen. What made this accident unusual, however, was that the crash involved a self-driving Uber car. The vehicle had a safety driver aboard who was supposed to be monitoring the self-driving car to prevent tragedy but unfortunately Reuters reports that the safety driver was streaming a television show on her phone instead of paying attention to the…

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Car Safety Ratings: How Are They Determined and Are They Reliable?

Jul 27, 2018 | By , on Personal Injury.

Car accidents can have serious or even fatal consequences and victims should make certain to consult with a Miami accident attorney for help pursuing a claim for compensation from those who caused a crash and resulting injuries. While accidents cannot always be prevented when drivers are careless, the risk of an injury or fatality if a crash happens can be reduced by purchasing a safe vehicle. Of course, finding a vehicle that has strong safety features can be challenging – but car safety ratings can be helpful to shoppers in making certain the vehicle they buy has performed strongly when…

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Young Girl in Critical Condition After Electrical Shock at MGM

Jul 24, 2018 | By , on Personal Injury.

When visiting a hotel or other public accommodation, you have the right to expect that the space will be reasonably safe for you and that precautions will be taken by property owners to eliminate hazards or, at a minimum, to warn guests about risks that exist. Unfortunately, property owners and operators do not always fulfill their responsibilities to ensure a safe environment for their guests. According to Fox 5, a six-year-old girl recently experienced serious injuries when she sustained a shock at MGM National Harbor Hotel and Casino. When a property owner fails to provide a reasonably safe premises, victims…

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Bike Accidents Put Children at Risk for Serious Injuries, Fatalities

Jul 17, 2018 | By , on Personal Injury.

Bike accidents present a substantial danger to children, according to a recent report in a journal called Accident Analysis and Prevention. When a child is hurt or killed in a bicycle crash, the victim’s family should consult with a Miami injury lawyer to explore the possibility of pursuing a claim for compensation for bike accident injuries from any motorist responsible for causing the accident to occur. CBS News provided details on troubling new data that was made available in the research published by Accident Analysis and Prevention. The data both shows how common bicycle accidents are as well as the…

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New Study Shows Vehicle Vibrations May Trigger Drowsy Driving

Jul 10, 2018 | By , on Personal Injury.

Drowsy driving accidents are very common and extremely dangerous. Motorists who drive while fatigued endanger the lives of everyone on the road and should be held accountable in the event that their sleepiness behind the wheel causes a collision to occur. A Miami personal injury lawyer can provide representation to victims of accidents involving these overtired drivers. Unfortunately, recent research from RMIT University in Australia suggests that the vibrations of the vehicle itself might increase the likelihood of a drowsy driving collision occurring. Motorists need to be aware of the dangers of fatigued driving and make sure to react appropriately…

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