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When you test a new car, you likely consider how comfortable the seat is, but may not think about researching whether the model has a history of seat back failure. Yet, seat back failure is a common problem that can lead to severe injuries during a rear-end collision.

Brais Law Firm examines every aspect of our car crash cases, including liability of manufacturers. We have often discovered that the seat backs of vehicles did not withstand the impact of an accident and have been linked to serious injuries as a result of the failure. We protect the rights of you or your child who sustained injuries resulting from seat failure during a car collision.

Our Miami defective automobile attorneys are dedicated advocates for injured clients. We are proud of the honors we have received, including Rising Star, Super Lawyers, Legal Elite and Multi-Million Dollars Advocates Forum membership. Our commitment and experience has led to a strong history of high-dollar awards for our clients. To read about our recoveries and awards, visit our Results page.

Why Seat Back Failure Occurs

The seats of cars are not rigid, but have a little give to absorb the impact of a crash, while remaining firmly in place. At least this is how the seat back is supposed to perform. Unfortunately, the seat back can instead come completely lose or violently shoot back and then forward, especially if the vehicle is hit from behind.

Because it does not support your body, the poor seat back design can result in severe back and neck injuries as your body is jostled violently around the car. In addition, the seat could land on anyone who happens to be sitting behind you.

This phenomenon is well-known by crash test experts and the manufacturers. Despite the evidence that collapsing seat backs commonly result in injuries, manufacturers have failed to invest the very small sum of money that would improve this hazardous condition and the government refuses to force them to do so through regulations.

Serious Risk to Children

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department requires special car seats for young children and recommends putting children under the age of 12 in the back seat. The reason for this position is that the tremendous force of front airbags can severely injure people with smaller frames.

In most cases, the back seat has been proven to be the safest place for properly restrained kids. However, a defective seat back can pose a significant risk of injury and death. A seat that collapses backwards during the crash can land on a child sitting directly behind the driver or front seat passenger, with the adult’s full weight bearing down on the child.

Injuries Caused by Defective Seat Backs

A collapsing seat back can cause serious injuries to the person in the broken seat and to anybody sitting behind him or her. As a result, you may be entitled to such damages as:

  • Facial, head and spinal cord injuries a back seat occupant sustained
  • Back and neck injuries caused when the seat back fails to properly support you during the collision
  • A lifetime of medical care and assistance for children who suffered severe head and spinal injuries
  • Permanent disabilities, scars and disfigurement
  • Medical bills, rehabilitation and special care
  • Lost past and future earnings

Recover from Auto Part Corporations for Negligent Manufacturing of a Defective Seat Back

If you or your child were injured when a defective seat back collapsed during a car crash, you can count on Brais Law Firm to help you recover. Schedule your free consultation with our auto products liability law firm by calling us or contacting us online.

Our contingency fee plan allows you to wait to pay attorneys’ fees until after you have recovered damages on your auto collision claim. Our main Miami office litigates claims throughout Florida.

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